Saturday, March 8, 2008

7 Tips On How To Make A Good Resume

It's the question on almost every job seeker's list: How to make a good resume?

After all, if your resume is no good, it won't get past the Human Resources department and you won't get a chance to shine at the job interview.

So your resume is your first step to making sure that you get the job you deserve.

Follow these top resume writing tips to give yourself the best possible chance of your CV making a good impression.

1. Don't be arty

Using too many fonts looks cluttered and awkward. Check your favorite newspaper or magazine. Chances are that you'll find they only use a couple fonts and these are the regular "boring" Times New Roman and Arial or their equivalents. Do the same or something close.

2. Bullet point your accomplishments

Unless you've just left school or have only ever flipped burgers for a living, chances are that you've done some things that can be counted as accomplishments. Sing your own praises here without sounding like you could make the president of the company relinquish command because you're so much better than them.

3. Write in the third person

Over-use of the word "I" is a common mistake in resumes. And only use the present tense if you're still doing the things you're writing about in your current job.

4. Cut out the irrelevant dead wood

Who cares what you did 30 years ago? Unless it really is relevant to the position you're applying for today and chances are that near enough every job has moved on in that kind of timescale. Sure, your school grades were important when you got your first job out of school. But are they still necessary?

5. Be careful what you give away that could stand against you

Equal opportunities employers are supposed to be everywhere. But we live in the real world. Even if your application has a separate section so that things like your ethnicity and sex, make sure other things don't give away too much if you think there's even a hint that your prospective employer is less "equal" than you might like. Sad that you may need to consider this, I know.

6. Show you're human

Unless you're applying to be a geek at the NSA then you need to have a life in the real world. Hobbies, interests, that kind of thing. Whether it's watching movies, being a member of your local cycle club or whatever. Make sure that you put down at least some hobbies and interests. Of course, your membership of the local peace activists society may not sit well with your application to join a producer of military hardware, so you may occasionally need to leave things unsaid.

7. Proofread. Then proofread again

Face it, spell checkers can't spell. They don't know their "no" from their "know". In fact, they're fairly clueless. And that grammar checker is a laugh. Don't rely on them. Start by printing off your resume and reading it out loud. Wherever you stumble is a place that needs improving. Ideally get a friend to read it out loud as well. They'll spot things you didn't. Correct these problems before sending off your resume.

The Corals Fail

The world's coral reefs are in alarming decline, and a recent groundbreaking study singles out human settlement, especially coastal development and agriculture, as the main culprit, even more so than warming sea waters and acidification linked to global warming.

The study found that declining reefs are endangering species of wildlife as well as tourism and fishing, which are vital for the local economy", says Camilo Mora, of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. This meant continuing degradation of coral reefs may be soon beyond repair. And there certainly won't be enough time for second or third chances.

In the study, Mora decided to compare several large-scale databases that had never been systematically cross-referenced. Focusing on coral, fish and macro-algae, or seaweed, in 322 sites across 13 countries in the Caribbean, the study matched environmental and ecological data against patterns of human population density and land usage. Also included were data on hurricanes, biodiversity, fish population and coral disease. What was discovered was the number of people is the main driver of the mortality of coral, along with declining fish biomass and increases in algae.

Even more interestingly, different kinds of human activities had different impacts. Higher population density in coastal areas produces more sewage and depletes fish stocks, causing coral mortality. Human expansion in coastal areas disrupted the maintenance of complex ecosystems and while Marine Protected Areas help restore fish populations, they do nothing to protect coral life. Right now, a- fifth of the world's marine reefs have already been destroyed and more are threatened, causing problems for many species that depend on reefs for shelter, reproduction and foraging.

These coral reefs also provide livelihoods for 100 million people and form the basis for industries such as tourism and fishing, which is a multi-billion industry. So, the next time a plot comes up along the coast for development, lets be very aware of how we are changing the ecological landscape of marine and coral life.

Home Cook

From Home Cook to Personal Chef - Choosing the Right Cooking Classes

If you are planning on upgrading your profession from cook to personal chef, it will take lots of preparation before taking an advanced cooking class. To prepare yourself, get to know what it takes to be a personal chef and what a personal chef cooking class can offer you.

The difference between a cook and chef is their positions in the kitchen hierarchy. Chefs are often on top of the ladder, and this is probably where you want to go if you are planning on becoming a personal chef. As a personal chef, you will be deciding on the menu, the style of cooking and the type of food. A personal chef should also be prepared to do extra work such as cleaning the kitchen and storing food.

A personal chef caters to residents who are too busy to find time to make their own meals. A cooking class especially designed for potential personal chefs will teach you how to shop for ingredients, how to deal with potential employers, what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what to include in a plan and menu.

As a personal chef, you will need to brief your employer about meals. For example, your employer may want low-calorie food, and may have certain specifications with regards to the menu and how the food will be prepared. Furthermore, a certain cuisine might be preferred over others. Italian food may be preferred for dinner and an American breakfast in the mornings. A personal chef cooking class will teach you how to ask the right questions and speak with your employers about their preferences.

There are certain requirements for you to become a personal chef. First, you need to be creative and willing to learn new tricks. Good presentation is like promoting your unique service--you'll have the chance to create a brand for yourself. Also, there will be times when you'll lack some ingredients and need to be creative and resourceful with what's available. A good cooking class can definitely teach you what to do in this sort of situation.

Before searching for a cooking class, find out if you want to focus on getting a personal chef certificate, putting up a catering business or just want to improve your skills. There are many cooking institutions that can offer you great training.

Cooking classes are a great way to learn new culinary skills, and meet new friends who share your passion for creating in the kitchen. Check out our cooking school directory and find a cooking class near you.

Love Songs

Off late I've managed to find out an Album of one of my all time favorites. After several weeks of comb searching to my bachelor godown I yield eureka when my childhood asset and obsession hit on my hand. It was "Love Song" by "Cliff Richard". The time has changed, the Album cover has turned pale, but the music and its simplicity remain unchanged. To me Cliff was the king of melody and any of his number can set your mood creating a romantic aura around you. So once again I have listened to this album from beginning to end, and I dont remember how many times I had to rewind the number "Don't Talk to Him". I was having a tough time in relation and that particular number was just setting up my mood. It was as refreshing and soothing as ever. The words are eternal, when the maestro says "So just remember what I say, And trust in me while I'm away, For I'll be true, And just remember my true love, Is brighter than the moon above for only you". Each and every song is a creation of a magician.

The key aspect of this Album is, it's a great collection of songs for any occasion and any mood. Whereas the only demerit is, it does not contain the most recent Cliff love songs. This particular Album contains a great collection of Cliff Richard love songs, where some of the numbers are hard to find on many other Albums. The number "twelfth of never" is sung with such a warm feeling and on the other hand "when the girl in your arms" brings back memories of the early 60's. Whereas the biggest hit of the Album is, "we don't talk anymore" and it's sounding better than ever. The playtime is around an hour and is great for listening to on the move or even when relaxing at home after a hectic day.

The Album carries some all time greats such as Constantly, I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You), Minute You're Gone, It's All In The Game, Don't Talk To Him, Theme For A Dream, Fall In Love With You. Other numbers such as Miss You Nights, Visions, Up In The World, Carrie, A Voioce In The Wilderness, Twelfth Of Never, Day I Met Marie, Can't Take The Hurt Anymore, A Little In Love, When Two Worlds Drift Apart, Next Time, When The Girl in Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart, We Don't Talk Anymore has also received acclaim from fans and listeners. The variety of song selection can certainly mesmerize the listeners. From the classic slow ballads to fast moving bits, you will find everything in the pack. Just to share, my favorite track is "next time" from the film summer holiday. I can guarantee, even if you are not a die-hard Cliff Richard fan, still you will find most of the tracks to please your ears and to touch your soul in true sense.

Reality Tv Stars

Reality TV is more than just a passing craze. After the first episodes of Survivor in 2000, it was pretty clear that reality TV is here to stay. Sometimes, going on a reality show propels contestants to success, even if they don't win their show. Elisabeth Hasselbeck went from Survivor to hosting The View and Jennifer Hudson lost American Idol but won an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls. But not everyone is equipped to handle their newfound stardom.

Loss of Privacy

Going on a reality TV show propels contestants into the spotlight. Many people feel like they know the contestants on a reality show, even though they have never met. It's pretty easy to understand this phenomenon - you are welcoming these people into your home each week, and they way that most reality shows are shot make it seem like contestants are speaking directly to you. But when contestants go home, many of them are unable to return to their normal lives. Contestants are often stopped in the course of their day to day activities, sometimes for an autograph or picture, other times to be told just what they thought of their game play. It's hard for most contestants to have this lack of anonymity, especially those who felt that they weren't portrayed favorably on their show.

Family and Relationships

Going on a reality TV show can have an unexpected impact on the family and relationships of contestants. Some family members of contestants have reported that they have been approached by fans, usually to complain about the actions of their son or daughter. A reality show can also put an enormous amount of strain on a relationship. Most reality TV shows are shot over the course of several months, during which contestants are isolated from family and friends. That, in itself, can be difficult for a relationship. But sometimes the most stressful part is the action of the contestants on the show. There have been instances where a contestant has cheated on their significant other while on a show, and others who were simply horrified at how their partner played the game.


There have been many contestants whose jobs have been impacted by going on a reality TV show. A show like The Apprentice may highlight reasons to hire someone. But when you are shown on a show as lying and cheating, employers notice and are not as quick to hire you. Many times contestants on reality TV shows list "model" or "bartender" as their occupation, as they are professions most able to take 2-3 months off of work without being asked questions. But contestants who are lawyers or doctors find it hard to go back to their practices; many lawyers are no longer actively practicing law.

There haven't been many studies done on the long-term impact of being on a reality TV show. But the articles that have been written show most need continued support from a mental health professional. And for most part, this is not a consequence that any of them consider.

Drift fishing

Drift fishing is the most common method used for steelhead; it is also one of the more difficult to become skilled at. You need to have the right gear, know what type of water steelhead hold in, and the hardest part is learning the difference between bouncing over rocks and a steelhead strike.

How tough can drifting a piece of lead and hook along the bottom bouncing over rocks and knowing the difference between a rock and a steelhead's bite is. Well I have been a Steelhead fisherman for over 40 years now and there are times where I just end up hooking a fish without even realizing I had a strike. For being such a large fish steelhead have one of the light bites and until you fish for awhile it is hard to explain just what you need to be watching for. All I can tell you is that there is a different feel to a strike and the bottom and once you fish for awhile you learn to detect these subtle differences, once you do then you are on your way to becoming a true drift fisherman.

Let's look at what you need to start drift fishing:

The Rod Your Fishing rod needs to be sensitive enough to give you a good feel of the bottom as you bounce over rocks and gravel, and at the same time it needs to be strong enough to give you a good hook set when you have 30 to 50 yards of line strung out across the river. Your rod choice will be the most important piece to the drift fishing equation so choose wisely.

Here are some things to consider when you are selecting your rod: 1. What's the size of lure or bait you will be using (heavy, light, ultra light?) 2. The type of reel you will be using on rod (spinning reel, or bait casting) 3. What is rod made from (graphite, fiberglass ) these will determine the feeling and strength of your rod 4. Rod action this is the bend in the rod (Fast, Medium, Slow). 5. What size of line you plan on using (2 lb, 6 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 30 lb test) 6. The length of rod, if your casting from the beach or open area and need to make long cast you will want a longer rod 8 feet or longer, if you are going to be fishing from a boat or where there is a lot of brush you may want 7 foot or shorter. This will determine what type of reel you use to keep a good balance of your rod. 7. What type of warranty does it have (Rods do break when fishing these large fish) The Reel The reel is the second most important part of your gear it needs to match your rod having a well balanced rod is the key. My personal preference is a bait casting reel (some fisherman call these level winds) they do take some getting use to however they are very effective when drift fishing, the bait casting reel will allow you to release line while maintaining control and you can follow the drift longer you want to stay where the fish are holding. The spinning reel works well for drift fishing also and is preferred when cast light lures or fishing along banks with heavy brush.

Choosing a reel: 1. Matches the style of fishing you intend on doing 2. The amount of line the reel can hold (if you are fishing big water you will want more line) 3. The type of line you are going to use (braided lines can cut into the metal of a reel) - (newer reels use titanium for the new lines). 4. Look for a quality manufacturer as your reel will be tested by these big fish 5. Make sure the drag system works smoothly

Line The line you use should match the rod, reel and the conditions you will be fishing. The Rule here is that the clearer the water is the lighter the line you want to use. I have gone as light as 2 lb test when fishing in clear slow moving pools but you need to have a rod matched to this. Normally you will want to use line in the 10 to 15 pound test range. Braided or mono lines is a matter of your preference.

Lures This is where steelhead fishing gets tricky and experience comes into play. What you will be using will again depend on the water conditions, low and clear keep your lures and bait small and pale. If the rivers are up and murky you will want to use a larger lure and dark and bright colors. Sometime just using a small piece of shrimp or a small cluster of eggs is what you will need. You can check with the locals and see what they are using for the conditions. As for the color of lures this is any bodies guess so make sure you have a good assortment to choose from as this changes continually even through out the day.

Bait Steelheads use their excellent sense of smell as well as their eye site they also have an uncanny scents to detect movement. When the water is so muddy you can't see any thing in the water, steelhead can find your bait by movement and smell. Some of the most common baits are shrimp, eggs, night crawlers, and sand shrimp. Some fishermen combine these baits giving they feel this gives them a little edge over other fishermen.

Swivels Barrel Swivels and three way swivels are used to attach a lighter leader to a heavier main line. This allows you to quickly change your rig to water conditions and it reduces your mainline loss due to snags and helps keep your line from twisting from the lure action.

Hooks Your hooks will range in size from 12 to 3/0 depending on the type of lure and bait you are using. Make sure that they are strong enough to hold a fish without bending when they make their runs. They need to be kept sharp for a good hook set, and it is a good idea to have a hook file or stone to touch them up when needed. Check the point of your hook often or it may cost you a fish. I'm not much on the double hook theory however many Steelhead fisherman swear by them and is a choice you can make.

Lead Lead weight come in a number of styles and shapes for drift fishing I prefer to use either a pencil sinker or what is called a slinky. Pencil lead comes in sizes of 1/8' 3/16" and 1/4" diameters and is usually used with surgical tubing. The slinky is lead shot inside if parachute cord and is flexible this seems to keep it from snagging as much as the pencil weight but you are unable to trim them quickly should you find you have to much weight. Lead weights can be tied a number of different way either fix or sliding I prefer the sliding weight as I feel it is easier to feel the strike with a sliding weight, however a fixed weight will get you to the bottom faster.

Leaders Make your leaders from a little lighter test than your main line. This will allow your leader to break off when you become snagged instead of your main line which leaves a long piece of line in the river for you to snag onto the next time you cast. It will also prevent you from have to go home early because you for got to bring extra line for your reels. An rule I use successfully is that the clearer the water the longer the leader normally I use a leader 18" to 24" long but you will find that sometimes changing this will pick up more fish don't be afraid to experiment. I seldom us a leader shorter then 12 inches though and I have used leaders as long a 4 feet.

My next article will cover likely holding water for Steelhead and how to fish them so keep in touch!

making quality footwear

Founded in 1888 by Mr Hogg, Hogg's Of Fife Ltd are a Scottish country clothing company with strong family traditions. Initially Mr Hogg was a successful boot maker in Scotland with a superb reputation who was well admired by the local Lairds. Traditionally each of the Lairds has their own unique tweeds as well as the recognisable family tartans.

After a number of years of making quality footwear to withstand the harsh Scottish weather, Mr Hogg was asked if he could make up the cloth for the Lairds’ tweeds to be worn by their estate employees. This would mean that the Lairds’ employees had a robust uniform which was designed to resist the rigours of the practical country work, the ever changing Scottish weather whilst also being easily recognisable. By the early 20 Century, Mr Hogg’s business soon became unique being the only business which could dress both the Country Gentlemen and their employees from head to foot. Hogg’s of Fife is still very much a family business run by the Hogg family following the marriage of Miss Hogg to Mr Gibson, their son Robert is now the Managing Director.

Hoggs clothing has expanded and diversified from the original agricultural, or work, wear to now also include a range of Country Wear. Hogg’s of Fife work wear is renowned as robust and delivers exceptional value for money compared to other ranges, and their waterproofed footwear is notable for it’s superb comfort and longevity. The range is marketed with the phrase “take comfort from our experience”. The country wear is practical not only general use but increasingly for use by the professional country worker, such as game keepers, gillies green keepers or leisure user such as walkers, game shooters and sport fisherman.

Hoggs clothing oozes character all of its own due to its pedigree of quality and history of producing products which truly do the job they are designed to do, every time no matter what the weather! Their strong Scottish traditions not only cover their geographical location, but also the fabrics used which are all sourced from the UK.

A great place on the web to get quality shooting clothing is The Country Catalogue. This site has a large selection of Hoggs of Fife clothing and a great selection of Barbour Jackets range.

Further, the company doesnt put any money into advertising but instead lets the quality speak for itself, relying on satisfied customer's word of mouth. This not only is testament of the excellence but also keeps prices lower so the customer really is receiving true value for money. Strong Scottish, family traditions mixed with new technologies is bound to be a sure winner and this is what you can be guaranteed with Hogg’s of Fife Ltd!

Remote entry

The new 2008 Acura TSX handles like a luxury sports car with the features of a sedan. For premium performance , luxury and the ability to go from zero to 60 mph within a matter of minutes, check out the 2008 Acura TSX.
Acura has always been the top of the line when it comes to luxury sports cars. The Acura TSX features top of the line specifications such as Vehicle Stability Assist, the ability to connect your Bluetooth headset, an iPod auxiliary jack and a navigation system. The 2008 Acura TSX has all the bells and whistles that you want in a luxury automobile.

The state of the art navigation system features the following:

1. Voice recognition

2. A Full Destination Database

3. Zagat Reviews

Listening to music has never been more crystal clear than in this luxury sports sedan. The sound system is exquisite and features an XM satellite radio with quality sound. The satellite radio gives you access to 170 satellite channels, most of which are commercial free. You can navigate the stations either manually or with a remote control. In addition, the iPod auxiliary jack makes it simple to listen to your favorite downloaded tunes any time you want.

When it comes to performance, it is hard to outshine the 2008 Acura TSX. The 205 horsepower engine gives supreme performance and advances in technology that allow the engine to run quiet. The automobile is also fuel efficient and has extremely low vibration that makes riding in this luxury sports sedan a pleasure. The Drive By Wire throttle, exclusive to Acura, allow the engine to be more responsive and powerful.

You can choose a five speed automatic transmission or, if you prefer, a six speed manual transmission that gives you even more power. The custom Sequential SportShift makes it easy for manual shifts and the clutch takes up quickly. Whether you prefer an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, the choice is yours with the 2008 Acura TSX.

The chassis of the vehicle is designed to make driving the vehicle a breeze. Even around tight corners, the Acura TSX maneuvers easily and with smooth efficiency. The rear and front suspension enable the automobile to handle like a sports car. The sleek body type is has an aesthetic quality that you would expect when buying a luxury car like the Acura.

The fine exterior features of the 2008 Acura TSX include the following:

1. Fully powered sun roof

2. Remote entry

3. Aluminum alloy wheels

4. Automatic turn off head lights

5. Heat resistant glass

6. Fog lights

7. Heated side mirrors

8. And more!

The exterior of the automobile is sleek and stylish and offers the appearance of a sports car. The inside of the automobile looks more like a luxury sedan and features an MP3 player, cassette player and cleaner, auto attachments, luggage net and I-VES entertainment system. The heated front seats come in handy during the cool weather and the leather wrapped steering wheel gives you comfort when driving no matter what the temperature. The 2008 Acura TSX also has lumbar support in the driving seat as well and the passenger seat has a four way power adjustment.

The sound system is premium and in addition to the satellite radio, auxiliary jack for the iPod or MP3 player, there are state of the art speakers throughout the automobile, eight in all, that deliver crystal clear sound. The CD player can hold up to six CDs and can be changed with the flick of a switch.

In addition to having all of the luxury and performance you can expect in an automobile, the 2008 Acura TSX also has the best safety features that will ensure a peace of mind for you and your family. Child mounting seat systems are available and the automobile comes with driver and passenger air bags as well as side airbags, as well as side curtain airbags.

The 2008 Acura TSX comes in a variety of colors. Prices for the 2008 Acura TSX start at just over $28,000, a lot less than you would expect to pay for a luxury sports sedan with the specifications offered by the Acura. And because Acura is a name you can trust, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you will be afforded quality service on your automobile.

Driving a 2008 Acura TSX has never been easier. You can either purchase the automobile and take advantage of the low interest rates offered by Acura dealers, or lease the automobile for a few years. Leasing is sometimes the best option, particularly for businesses. Leasing can cost a few hundred dollars a month less than purchasing the automobile and gives you the opportunity to drive one of the best luxury sports sedans on the market today.

The original design

The Alfa Romeo Spider first was introduced back in 1966 at the Geneva Motor show, where it was hailed as an instant classic by the auto-public. But at the presentation it was still an unnamed masterpiece, but that was about to change when the results of a competition in Italy produced the name "Duetto", and since it first name, history would show that with every change and new series it was re-christened by another alias. But the first Spiders now are referred to as the 105 series Spider/ "Classic" Spider and it was created using the body style of the classic 2-seat roadster.
The original design of the car was done by Pininfarina, who also played a big part in the car's manufacturing, due to the car's unique monocoque creation; which is the incorporation of "crumple zones" at both the front and the rear. The Alfa Romeo Spider have gone through a lot of changes over its almost 3 decade history, both mechanically and aesthetically; with these changes occurring every couple of years, it kept the Spider appealing to all audiences, and it made the Spider stay constantly unique when compared to even itself.

The Spider's basic proportional blueprint consisted of a length of 4255mm (167.5in) Duetto; a curb weight of 996 kgs (21906 lbs) Duetto; a wheelbase of 2250mm (88.6in) Duetto; a height of 1295mm (51in) Duetto; and a width of 1626mm (64in) Duetto. The Spider also came outfitted with a five-speed transmission, disc brakes, and independent front suspension. The engine of the Duetto was a form of the 1570cc Alfa Romeo Twin Cam, 4-cylinder engine, and outputted just about 109hp (81kW). The original Spider Duetto ran from 1966-1967.

The 1750 Spider Veloce replaced the Duetto in the latter part of 1967 with a 1779cc engine outputting 118PS (116hp or 87kW), and a torque of just 186N·m (137 ft·lbf). A new, smaller engine Spider was introduced in 1968; the 1300 Junior with a 1290cc engine with a max power of 89hp (66kW), but it was devoid of most of the first features of 1750 Veloce e.g. plastic headlight fairings, hubcaps, the brake servo, and the opening quarter-light. The 1st Series of the Spider, which included the original Duetto ran from 1966-1969, and became known by its alias of "Ossa di Sepia" or "Cuttlebone fish".

The 2nd Series of the Spider ran from 1970-1983, and was also known as "Fastback" or "Coda Tronca". The first major change was to the exterior of the 1750 Veloce, with the typical elongated round tail being remade into an ordinary cut-off tail know as the "Kamm Tail". The other appearance changes came from top hinged pedals; new door handles; a more raked windscreen; refined interior trim; a slightly different grille; and more luggage space. In 1971, the 2000 Spider Veloce was born with a new engine replacing the 1750 with a 1962cc, 132hp (98kW). The 1600 Junior was also given life also replacing the Junior 1300 with 1570cc engine outputting 110PS (108hp or 81kW).

The Series 3 Spider ran from 1983-1990 and was dubbed the "Aerodinamica". In 1982 was the launch of the new "2.0 litre Bosch fuel injection", which replaced the "SPICA mechanical injection". Also in that same year the Aerodinamica 2000 was born with a 1962cc engine with a max power of 128PS (126hp or 94kW) and a torque of 178N·m (131 ft·lbf). Alfa also introduced the "Green Four-leaf Clover" or "Quadrifoglio Verde" model in 1986, with many aesthetic changes to the exterior, but with the exact same engine of the regular 2000 Spider Veloce.

From 1990-1993 the 4th Series and its first important mechanical change was introduced with the "Bosch Motronic electronic fuel injection with an electric fan". Other appearance changes occurred, also on the Type 4 Spider but the entire production of the Alfa Romeo Spider came to a sad end in 1993. However, a "Limited Edition Spider Commemorative Edition" was made for the North American market in May 1993 and was identified as a 1994 model.