Saturday, March 8, 2008

making quality footwear

Founded in 1888 by Mr Hogg, Hogg's Of Fife Ltd are a Scottish country clothing company with strong family traditions. Initially Mr Hogg was a successful boot maker in Scotland with a superb reputation who was well admired by the local Lairds. Traditionally each of the Lairds has their own unique tweeds as well as the recognisable family tartans.

After a number of years of making quality footwear to withstand the harsh Scottish weather, Mr Hogg was asked if he could make up the cloth for the Lairds’ tweeds to be worn by their estate employees. This would mean that the Lairds’ employees had a robust uniform which was designed to resist the rigours of the practical country work, the ever changing Scottish weather whilst also being easily recognisable. By the early 20 Century, Mr Hogg’s business soon became unique being the only business which could dress both the Country Gentlemen and their employees from head to foot. Hogg’s of Fife is still very much a family business run by the Hogg family following the marriage of Miss Hogg to Mr Gibson, their son Robert is now the Managing Director.

Hoggs clothing has expanded and diversified from the original agricultural, or work, wear to now also include a range of Country Wear. Hogg’s of Fife work wear is renowned as robust and delivers exceptional value for money compared to other ranges, and their waterproofed footwear is notable for it’s superb comfort and longevity. The range is marketed with the phrase “take comfort from our experience”. The country wear is practical not only general use but increasingly for use by the professional country worker, such as game keepers, gillies green keepers or leisure user such as walkers, game shooters and sport fisherman.

Hoggs clothing oozes character all of its own due to its pedigree of quality and history of producing products which truly do the job they are designed to do, every time no matter what the weather! Their strong Scottish traditions not only cover their geographical location, but also the fabrics used which are all sourced from the UK.

A great place on the web to get quality shooting clothing is The Country Catalogue. This site has a large selection of Hoggs of Fife clothing and a great selection of Barbour Jackets range.

Further, the company doesnt put any money into advertising but instead lets the quality speak for itself, relying on satisfied customer's word of mouth. This not only is testament of the excellence but also keeps prices lower so the customer really is receiving true value for money. Strong Scottish, family traditions mixed with new technologies is bound to be a sure winner and this is what you can be guaranteed with Hogg’s of Fife Ltd!


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