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From Home Cook to Personal Chef - Choosing the Right Cooking Classes

If you are planning on upgrading your profession from cook to personal chef, it will take lots of preparation before taking an advanced cooking class. To prepare yourself, get to know what it takes to be a personal chef and what a personal chef cooking class can offer you.

The difference between a cook and chef is their positions in the kitchen hierarchy. Chefs are often on top of the ladder, and this is probably where you want to go if you are planning on becoming a personal chef. As a personal chef, you will be deciding on the menu, the style of cooking and the type of food. A personal chef should also be prepared to do extra work such as cleaning the kitchen and storing food.

A personal chef caters to residents who are too busy to find time to make their own meals. A cooking class especially designed for potential personal chefs will teach you how to shop for ingredients, how to deal with potential employers, what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what to include in a plan and menu.

As a personal chef, you will need to brief your employer about meals. For example, your employer may want low-calorie food, and may have certain specifications with regards to the menu and how the food will be prepared. Furthermore, a certain cuisine might be preferred over others. Italian food may be preferred for dinner and an American breakfast in the mornings. A personal chef cooking class will teach you how to ask the right questions and speak with your employers about their preferences.

There are certain requirements for you to become a personal chef. First, you need to be creative and willing to learn new tricks. Good presentation is like promoting your unique service--you'll have the chance to create a brand for yourself. Also, there will be times when you'll lack some ingredients and need to be creative and resourceful with what's available. A good cooking class can definitely teach you what to do in this sort of situation.

Before searching for a cooking class, find out if you want to focus on getting a personal chef certificate, putting up a catering business or just want to improve your skills. There are many cooking institutions that can offer you great training.

Cooking classes are a great way to learn new culinary skills, and meet new friends who share your passion for creating in the kitchen. Check out our cooking school directory and find a cooking class near you.


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