Saturday, March 8, 2008

Love Songs

Off late I've managed to find out an Album of one of my all time favorites. After several weeks of comb searching to my bachelor godown I yield eureka when my childhood asset and obsession hit on my hand. It was "Love Song" by "Cliff Richard". The time has changed, the Album cover has turned pale, but the music and its simplicity remain unchanged. To me Cliff was the king of melody and any of his number can set your mood creating a romantic aura around you. So once again I have listened to this album from beginning to end, and I dont remember how many times I had to rewind the number "Don't Talk to Him". I was having a tough time in relation and that particular number was just setting up my mood. It was as refreshing and soothing as ever. The words are eternal, when the maestro says "So just remember what I say, And trust in me while I'm away, For I'll be true, And just remember my true love, Is brighter than the moon above for only you". Each and every song is a creation of a magician.

The key aspect of this Album is, it's a great collection of songs for any occasion and any mood. Whereas the only demerit is, it does not contain the most recent Cliff love songs. This particular Album contains a great collection of Cliff Richard love songs, where some of the numbers are hard to find on many other Albums. The number "twelfth of never" is sung with such a warm feeling and on the other hand "when the girl in your arms" brings back memories of the early 60's. Whereas the biggest hit of the Album is, "we don't talk anymore" and it's sounding better than ever. The playtime is around an hour and is great for listening to on the move or even when relaxing at home after a hectic day.

The Album carries some all time greats such as Constantly, I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You), Minute You're Gone, It's All In The Game, Don't Talk To Him, Theme For A Dream, Fall In Love With You. Other numbers such as Miss You Nights, Visions, Up In The World, Carrie, A Voioce In The Wilderness, Twelfth Of Never, Day I Met Marie, Can't Take The Hurt Anymore, A Little In Love, When Two Worlds Drift Apart, Next Time, When The Girl in Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart, We Don't Talk Anymore has also received acclaim from fans and listeners. The variety of song selection can certainly mesmerize the listeners. From the classic slow ballads to fast moving bits, you will find everything in the pack. Just to share, my favorite track is "next time" from the film summer holiday. I can guarantee, even if you are not a die-hard Cliff Richard fan, still you will find most of the tracks to please your ears and to touch your soul in true sense.


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